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Fun, Fast & Flexible

Manna Thai Langauge School

Innovative Learning Methods & Culture

TPR Hi-Speed Method

Learn Thai in Chiang Mai/Chiang Rai/Pai with one of the most innovative teaching methods

The Total Physical Response (TPR) Method is the latest approach to teaching the Thai language.

Students who study Thai using the TPR Method learn 40-60% faster than those who use older teaching methods.

Learn Thai in a better and improved manner.

Exclusive to MTS in Chiang Mai/Chiang Rai/Pai only*

Phonetics free-courses

We don’t use English phonetics in our courses.

Our method includes TPR-B (Body), TPR-O (Objects), TPR-P (Picture) and TPR-S (Story telling).

Our Thai lessons use body movement, objects, pictures and story-telling to help students learn Thai.

Get your Thai ED-Visa!

Our Thai school offers you an Education Visa

for long stay in Thailand (6 months or 1 year.)

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Characteristics of TPR

  • Focuses on meaning and comprehension
  • Emphasizes listening and acting
  • Includes such activities as which the students are actor
  • Does not require verbal responses
  • Introduces humor easily
  • Language (Thai) for all instruction
  • Helps overcome the fear of speaking


  • To help students speak Thai at a beginning level with the ultimate aim of teaching basic skills
  • To teach oral proficiency at a beginning level and the ultimate aim is to  teach basic speaking skills
  • To produce learners who are capable of free communication, which is understandable to a native speaker

Explore Thai life with our field trips!

We organize field trips for our students to expose them

to different aspects of Thai culture and lifestyle.

Check the gallery!

Experienced teachers

Take Thai classes with teachers who have developed a comprehensive curriculum and who have experience teaching Thai for beginners as well as for advanced students.

Having fun

Start learning Thai today


Come join our amazing family at Manna Thai Language School in Chiang Mai. Contact us and get more information.

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